360 Degree Review & Assessment

Wisdom. Courage. Humility.

On every journey, in every story, these are the gems a character seeks. Through trials, challenges, adventures, and guides, our hero slowly discovers what is most true of themselves. Surprisingly, they often learn they had these qualities all along. Perhaps it just required an outside observer or event for them to see it.

As you grow on your journey, we invite you to your 360 degree review and assessment to uncover and celebrate what is already true about you.

Your Tribe.

Start by finding your tribe; the ones who know you and can see your beauty shining through.

These friends - colleagues, peers, family, mentors - should also be able to see the blind spots; the ones that keep us stuck on our journey or that might prove fatal if we meet a foe unprepared.

Your Guide.

Once your tribe has shared their insights through an anonymous survey, you will walk with a guide who will help you interpret what you have received.

This part of the journey requires courage and humility. It takes both to receive the insights of others and allow them to take root and grow within us.

Uncovering Treasure.

As you walk with your guide, they will help you uncover the treasure that lies deep within you. Through individual feedback and exploring your personal values, you will unearth the treasures that have been inside you all along.

Create a Roadmap

At the end of your time, you will develop a roadmap to encapsulate your newfound wisdom into one page to guide you on the path ahead.

The Bottom Line

We as an executive coaching company use the Global Leadership Assessment 360 degree review program. Here are the practical tools and opportunities you will receive as a part of the program.

  • Unlimited Surveys for 1 Month

  • Feedback in 15 Competencies

  • 60 Page Report Outlining Wins and Areas for Growth

  • 6 Page Summary for Easy Review

  • Up to 4 Hours of One-on-One Coaching

  • Understand and Hone Your Core Values

  • Develop Your Roadmap: An Authentic Leadership Model

Please find the GLA360 Competencies along with sample reports and models below.


Sample GLA360

Sample GLA360 Authentic Leadership Model