July 18, 2018

Several people have recently asked me what my “normal” day looks like.

The truth is, as an entrepreneur, there is no such thing as normal. So I thought perhaps I’d give you a couple snapshots into weeks.

Most mornings look pretty much the same: wake up, go on a 25 minute walk around my neighborhood (no phone, music, etc), make some tea and sit outside for Bible study and meditation, upstairs for a yoga video, then sit on my floor and answer emails/write posts (which is exactly what I’m doing right now). I shower, eat breakfast, do some cleaning, and then I’m ready for my day.

Because the rest of the day tends to be crazy and also goes later than most work days, I’m quite happy and content if I start work (apart from those emails and posts) by 9:30 or 10am.

Then what happens at 10am is anyone’s guess.

I could have an online coaching appointment. It could be running downtown for refugee job training (which I do most Thursdays). It could be meeting my team at the prayer center here in town for a Monday of prayer and work.

But for now, I’ll give you a glimpse into one day this week.

  • 9:45am: weekly team check-in meeting (we usually do these on Monday, but it didn’t happen this week)
  • 10:30am: meet with CFO to learn/run payroll
  • 11:30am: online coaching session
  • 12:45pm: lunch with mentor
  • 1:30pm: meeting with business partner
  • 2:15pm: team brainstorming
  • 3pm: online coaching session
  • 4:15pm: online coaching session
  • 5:30pm: group coaching session
  • 7pm: leave the house in search of groceries/food
  • 9pm: talk to a friend/eat dinner
  • 10pm: bed

As I write that, I think “maybe I should pick another day; that’s not very typical.” It wasn’t normal because I’m almost never at home for a whole day. Most days also have a network meeting, a coffee shop, or more thrown in.

But when I think about writing about another day, there aren’t any that are “more” typical than the one I just described. I’m realizing I don’t really have normal days. And that’s fine by me.