July 19, 2018

When are your most productive moments for key tasks?

I’ve realized that certain tasks will always expand the time allotted to them. That means I’m best off when I can assign those tasks to a limited period of time and I have to get it done.

My most productive time to answer emails are in the morning, right after I finish yoga and before I jump in the shower. I sit on the floor of my room and emails that I could put off for days (literally--I just answered 5 emails that have been sitting in my inbox all week) get done in about 30 minutes.

It works because I’m pumped up from yoga, ready to get on with my day, but it’s early in the morning so there’s nothing else distracting me from just getting it done and tackling whatever project go along with it.

Productivity happens when we get things done. Flow happens when our ability to accomplish the task matches the challenge of the task ahead. Emails aren’t that challenging, but I am best able to accomplish the task early in my day, right after yoga.

Focus on finding your moments of flow and productivity will happen effortlessly.