August 05, 2018

This past week, I spent time in the mountains west of Colorado Springs. A remarkable fact about where I live is that I can leave my house and 45 minutes later, arrive at a camp far removed from civilization with no cell service or internet connection.

There are so many beautiful things that can happen you are removed from the daily -- no, momentary -- pressure of constant connectivity and the need for instantaneous response.

The first thing I realized is how fully capable and ready my team was to manage any and all work-related matters in my absence. This endeavor is not all about what I can do, which was a needed reminder.

The second thing was realizing how easy life can feel when you let go of expectations. Simply being present. Which leads to my most important realization...

I realized the significance of walking each moment in love. Meandering down a dirt path with aspen leaves fluttering high in the sky above me, worshipping all out with friends old and new surrounding me, sitting silently in prayer with another, or randomly creating a new game of “catch the hat” (where one person attempts to throw a baseball cap onto the head of another)... all moments of love.

And here’s what I learned…

When I rest in love, everything else flows from there. When I realize that God is already doing His work and simply inviting me along for the ride, there is an enormous amount of peace and calm that accompany me.

It’s Monday morning and I’m back to daily life. Yet so far, I’m very much aware of the love of God surrounding me and the fact that the tasks I choose to do are flowing out from a place of nearness and observing the work that God is already doing.

Emails can be worship. Blog posts can be worship. Exercise and cooking breakfast and getting ready for the day can be worship. It’s simply a question of whether I will be present to rest in love.

God is doing a work today. Are you ready for the ride?