July 25, 2018

An important lesson when navigating life is learning to appreciate the incredible value of rhythms, habits, and routines.

Some days, you will wake up in the morning really wanting to jump into working and making things happen. But, from hard experience, most of us know that without rhythms in life, we can quickly become overwhelmed, rendering us and our skills useless to anyone.

So in the middle of my morning, with every part of my mind wanting to quit the "routine" and start work instead, my body just insisted on doing what I've made a priority these past month… and when I did sit down to work, my thoughts were far clearer and less hurried as a result.

The cover of my journal says, "The Journey IS the Adventure." Learning to embrace the everyday as part of that adventure is a challenge and a delight.:

What rhythms and routines do you require for sanity in the workplace and in life?