July 17, 2018

This morning, my yoga practice focused around the word Surrender. If I thought the word itself was hard-hitting, that paled in comparison to her definition, which was “working hard in a way where you are completely unattached to the results.”

Staying unattached in running a business is hard. All of our goals, efforts, and (seemingly) our results lie with us. If I do it, it gets done and results follow. If I don’t do it, nothing will happen, right?

It seems logical. And perhaps it is. Yet I’m becoming more and more convinced it’s not the right answer.

There’s this verse in Matthew that acknowledges everything we need… food, drink, clothes. “And your heavenly Father knows you need them all. BUT seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you.”

I don’t fully know what that means on a daily basis. But I’m ready to try. Achieving and striving on my own has been fairly exhausting. I’m wondering now what it looks like to surrender. To seek first the Kingdom.