July 26, 2018

Life is funny. Sometimes, the pressure, the expectations, the fear can be so overwhelming, you’re not sure how to overcome it and move forward with lightness and joy.

And then something takes you completely by surprise. It turns the world on its head and life is totally different than it was yesterday. Each time it happens, it feels like learning to walk again. One step at a time, putting together the puzzle pieces of a new reality.

I suppose some people might find that terrifying. For me, it’s become an oddly grounding and rooting experience. Because through the complete undoing and relearning, you notice more fully the few pieces that stay.

Friendship. Family. Early morning walks and late night talks. Coffee. Worship. Beauty. Peace and joy, if I choose them.

And all around me, Christ. Christ before me. Christ behind me. Christ, the hope of glory.

Yesterday morning, I felt overwhelmed and tired. Several incredible conversations later, the world had shifted and now I can’t even remember what was causing the worry and fear. Because now, there is only peace.

And maybe that’s what happens. When you hold things loosely, the uprooting feels less defining and more like pruning. More like clearing out the excess so that the important things stand in sharp relief.

You watch the world turn. You know that what cannot be shaken will remain. And you’re content to wait and watch as the true things... all that is true and right and good... settle back into place. Even if that place is different and new.