July 16, 2018

I love this article written by a guy who retired early and everything he loves about it. He was especially surprised that Mondays became his best day of the week and that he naturally woke up early.

“My kids think I'm crazy ("Why do you get up so early?" they ask) but that's what happens when you are excited about life.”

I haven’t retired yet, but I enjoyed some parallels between my life and his. I am building a business doing work I love and I’ve found it nearly impossible to sleep in. I also have the unique privilege of living in the Pikes Peak region, so mountain adventures are happening regularly this summer.

I’m investing in myself, my health, my relationships… and it’s been amazing.

I don’t want to wait to retire to love my life. I want to love every day right now. I want all the people who go to work each and every day to find that kind of satisfaction and joy as well.

What are you doing to cultivate every day excitement?