LeaderVest – Leadership Training Program

Hi! We are Eddy and Brittany.

We spent years working at shitty companies, feeling frustrated by leaders who didn’t “get it” or frustrated with ourselves for our own seeming inability to be heard and make a difference.

Then we decided to start our own company. After all, if the places we worked for couldn’t get it right, surely we could learn from their mistakes and do better -- right?

As it turns out, it was hard. Far harder than we could have possibly imagined.

Building a business is hard. Sticking with it month to month in the startup stage is hard. Learning to communicate about how we communicate is hard. Working through challenging situations with clients and team members is hard. Finding clients is hard. Learning how to lead authentically and effectively is hard.

LeaderVest is born out of this place of struggle. It’s our response to the challenges we’ve seen and experienced in the workplace, in nonprofits, and in our own leadership capacities.

LeaderVest is a leadership training program that is about three things.

  1. It’s about INVESTing. Invest in yourself. Invest in your leadership potential. Invest in your team and your organization. Things don’t grow without investment, and nothing invested is ever wasted.
  2. It’s about VESTing. The word “vest” means to confer or bestow authority. Sometimes, we are just looking for someone outside of ourselves to give us a little validation. To let us know that we’re on the right track, and give us an idea of what to do next.
  3. It’s about LEADERvesting. Not just investing some dollars in training. Not just receiving someone else’s validation. It’s about finding the leader in yourself, calling out your own authority and power, understanding your unique values and knowing how they show up in everything you do. It’s choosing to claim, confer and bestow your own authority for yourself and this leadership training program does all the above and more.

Our Story

When we started Coaching for Good in 2018, we had completed trainings, hired coaches, gone to conferences, taken classes, pursued education, and earned certifications to become certified leadership coaches.

We spent time with thought leaders, honed our values, and became comfortable with the idea of risk. We felt ready to take it to the next level.

Then we got there. And the next level wasn’t anything like what we planned.

We had so many people “vesting” their insight, wisdom, and power in us through our leadership training program. But instead of taking that perspective and building on it, we got addicted. We kept seeking more and more validation. We needed others to tell us we were good enough, smart enough, trained enough, certified enough.

Along the way, we started to learn the hard way that we are the only ones who can own our leadership journey.

So we dug deeper. We found our insecurities and faced them head-on. We looked at our shadow and made friends with it. We stopped blaming others for the obstacles we faced and took ownership of where we were. We dug - really dug - into our strengths and values and how to live them out authentically.

Which leads us to today.

We are still learning. Still finding our authentic voice. Clarifying the messages we WANT to share, not the ones we think will bring in the most money.

We are finding the clients who want to go to the next level; not just increase the bottom line or check a training box. The ones who are passionate, who want something more, who have grown and grown and still wonder what it’s going to take to feel confident in their leadership.

We don’t have it all figured out. But we are learning. We are growing. And we have helped some people along the way.

If you’re interested in leadership training programs by certified leadership coaches, we would love the honor to help you too.

What We Offer

LeaderVest is a highly customizable leadership investment training program designed to take you inward.

The journey to authentic leadership and living doesn’t happen by pushing to the next level, hitting the next benchmark, or spreading yourself too thin.

It comes by diving deep, uncovering hidden truths, and learning to stand in your own strength. It comes by walking alongside other people, and learning from them as you grow.

When we talk, we will explore the areas that feel “not quite there” or “not enough.” Then we will design a custom leadership training program to take you and your team to that deeper level. We will choose from the following options to maximize your investment and your potential:

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Leadership Investment

Growth starts with you. To begin to see impactful growth and change in yourself and your company, we will determine the key components YOU need to get started:

  • Coaching:  meet with a coach every two weeks for an entire year.

  • Goals: individualize and specify the growth you want for yourself and your organization.

  • Values: explore and define your core self.

  • Strengths: assessments and support to apply your key skills at work.

  • Neuroscience: brain-based training to understand and work with (not against) your brain.

  • Emotional IQ: learn to make your emotions work for you rather than working for your emotions.

  • Brain Training: master your thoughts and rewire your brain to maximize your potential.

  • Recommended Reading:  explore cutting-edge resources in psychology, leadership development, and neuroscience.

  • Service:  grow your perspectives and your empathy by participating in ways to give back to those around you.

  • Adventure:  get outside of your comfort zone and push yourself mentally and physically.

  • Action: co-design customized action steps to facilitate your personal growth.

  • Intercultural Development: dig into your underlying assumptions and perspectives about those around you, and work to grow them.

Team Culture

Growth doesn’t happen in a bubble. We bring the same concepts to your team to facilitate a common language, accelerate your growth, and build your organization.

  • Culture Pulse:  build a better team in two days through a communication & team-building retreat.

  • Social Impact Strategies:  learn to intentionally pursue purpose along with profit.

  • StratOp: apply purpose and values to a three day strategic planning session used by organizations like Otterbox.

  • Interculture Development Inventory: grow your teams in diversity and inclusion through assessments and training.

  • Amplify Your Voice: instill confidence and clarity in communicating your message.

  • Celebration Retreat:  bring your team together in an exotic environment to celebrate an incredible year of purpose, passion, and growth.