Virtual All Staff

Virtual All-Staff

(not the boring kind)

What You Get:

  • The playbook you need to create a disruptive and unexpectedly fun virtual event.
  • A unique blend of virtual and real-life activities to get your team up and moving.
  • Meal options that are delivered directly to each teammate’s door.
  • Challenge-based leagues to build camaraderie, teamwork, and keep people actively working towards a goal.
  • Leader training to help managers and supervisors inspire greatness during team breakouts.
  • Dynamic and interactive training time to level-up traditional topics.
  • A team of professional facilitators and virtual event specialists to run the behindthe-scenes effort.

Walk through your playbook today:

Unsure how to transition team events online?

Fearful of burnout if you schedule a multiday video meeting?

Reinvent your
team events
for the future
of work.